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Sail Through Back-to-School Season With Simple Stress-Relieving Home Hacks

by Dermot Kehoe on September 02, 2022

Sail Through Back-to-School Season With Simple Stress-Relieving Home Hacks.

Looking for ways to make the back-to-school blues disappear? We suggest making the first week as stress free as possible. There are little things you can do around your home to make this transition easier to bear.

Take these little home improvement steps in the build up to the first day of school.

Make Mornings More Efficient

There are simple things you can do around the house to make school mornings easier to bear and less complicated

Create a Stress Free Entry and Exit in your Hallway 

Make your exit in the morning an efficient one. Declutter and overhaul your hallway with sufficient storage solutions.

  • Install sufficient hooks, cubby holes, shelves or baskets in your hallway or under the stairs so that there is room for everything. Have these in plain sight at the entrance
  • Make it easy for your school going children to deposit their school shoes, outerwear, and school bags, lunchboxes and sports kits easily and systematically on the way in
  • Think of the things you will be needing too: like hooks for your car keys, shopping bags or brolly, even shelf for your travel mug
  • You may even consider a noticeboard for pinning school forms, lists and urgent slips that need to be brought to school
  • Don’t forget a sturdy mat for wiping down grubby muddy shoes on the way in

It just means you’ll be spending less time looking for everything the following morning.

Take a look at these 75  incredible storage hacks for your hallway.

Make it a Lunchbox Friendly Pantry

As every working parent can testify,  our ability to generate multiple lunchboxes every day of the school year is something of a mini miracle. The sort of thing that keeps us awake at night when you realise you’ve forgotten to stock up!

  • Be sure to declutter your cupboards and reorganise them. This means getting rid of anything expired or that won't be eaten
  • Keep a ‘ration’ press or drawer of lunchbox staples. Make sure this is in a highly accessible area in your kitchen. A shelf or basket available for a constant supply of handy snacks and last minute lunch ideas will be a worthwhile thing to keep fully stocked
  • Healthy dry staples like rice cakes, crackers, raisins, dried fruit and even easy sandwich fillers like cans of tuna and bags of pasta should always be stocked as backup
  • Have an area for after school snacks nearby too. The odd can of soup or easy microwaveable rice will always be a lifesaver when you’re too busy to fix a meal from scratch

Power Up Your Utility Room

Back to school usually means a regular load of laundry that will always require a quick turnaround time especially when it comes to having the next round of uniforms ready to go. Sports kits will need a lot of attention. Equipment and shoes will also be crying for a clean almost weekly.

  • Stock up on extra hooks for drying out and hanging sports kits, bags, damp rain gear and equipment
  • Invest in an extra back up clothes horse or install a ceiling mounted clothes horse or line to give you extra drying options in winter
  • Find unused high areas or spaces over doors that can be upgraded with more incidental shelving
  • Get some extra baskets and bins so that you can separate items belonging to each child.
  • Stock up on shoe cleaner, starch, stain remover, mildew remover, small cleaning brushes and other hard working accessories
  • If you haven’t serviced your boiler and washing machine - please do it in August so it will be in tip top condition when autumn hits

In short you’ll find lots of great ideas like these in our blog: Power Up Your Utility Room With Space-Saving DIY Hacks Marie Kondo Would Love.

Create a Workspace That Works

It goes without saying, a small workspace even if it's just a corner of the dining room or a bedroom will go a long way of making it easier for your kids to focus.

Secure a Dedicated Homework Haven

We don’t all have large spaces or dedicated home offices, but we can find ways to convert a corner of our home into a homework friendly sanctuary.

  • This could be a simple floating table built into a spare piece of wall or corner of the dining room. 
  • Protect their posture by also investing in chairs with back support
  • Invest in some good task or desk lighting for the long winter nights
  • Floating shelves where possible and a simple desk organiser will go a long way to making this a welcoming space for students
  • A simple caddy for holding stationery and folder organising boxes will also help separate and stow away homework and projects

Take a look at this clever blog on How to Turn a Closet into a Workspace.

Develop a Digital and Device Friendly space

These days there will be a heavier reliance on devices than textbooks when it comes to researching homework and school projects.

  • Ensure that your Wi-Fi and broadband set up is sufficient and if necessary upgraded to adapt to the multiple devices that will be in use after school especially if you have more than one child in school
  • Invest in a storage system for all your multiple cables and chargers. There are also cable organisers you can create or buy
  • Have multiple 4 way adapters ready and if necessary ensure the electrics in the study area is able to take the load


Make Bedtime Better

At the end of the day, a good night's sleep will make going back to school easier on everyone. Take these simple measures to build a better sleeping environment in your children’s bedrooms.

  • Invest in blinds and/or blackout curtains to help regulate light and maintain a cosier room
  • Little ones may need a discrete nightlight to help them drift off
  • For some a diffuser or humidifier will also help
  • Make sure all unnecessary devices are stowed away outside
  • Keep the bedrooms as clutter free as possible to keep it dust free and easy to relax in. This means a good declutter before school starts and some extra shelving may go a long way to creating a more serene space


Back to School Supplies for your Home

Stop by our Storage and Shelving section to catch an overview of the available accessories that can help you make back to school less stressful. It has an array of items that will work for utility rooms, halls and bedrooms.

What are your back to school hacks? Share them with us!

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