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Create a Festive Feel at Home with This Sustainable Christmas Checklist

by Dermot Kehoe on December 20, 2022

Are you starting to feel the pressure yet? Are the kids clamouring for some Christmas atmosphere? Time to create a festive feel at your home this Christmas season.

We’ve put together a handy nature friendly, festive checklist to prepare your home for optimal Yuletide vibes.


Christmas Clear-Up Ahead of the Big Day

Here at Homevalue, we are firm believers in making way for festivities by making space wherever you can for the incoming decorations and the guests on Christmas day. So start decluttering as much as you can.


  • Make sure you get some handy containers for storing away any decorative items on the mantelpiece, hallway console table, sideboard surfaces and bookshelves. You’ll want all that surface area to add decorative elements such as Christmas nativity scenes, candles, Christmas village, or tealight ornaments. Have some handy clear plastic storage boxes for transporting these into the storeroom, garage or attic.


  • Give the place a deep clean once over and some severe dusting of every nook and cranny, as it won’t be easy to get into the corners once your decorations go up and the tree is in place. Besides, you won’t have time for a deep clean just before the big day.


Cosy Up to Christmas Hygge

Have you heard of the Danish concept of hygge? It’s that feeling of cosy and usually Domestic contentment.

You’ll want it to be cosy when you have friends and family.  And when they’re gone, you’ll probably be spending much-deserved chill-out family time watching the latest blockbuster on the big telly with a big mug of hot chocolate or a bit of the ole’ mulled wine in hand.

How do you get that Cosy, Hygge feeling this Christmas whilst being kind to our planet? Check out our previous blog Ways to Make Your Fireplace a Hard-to-Resist, Hygge-Inducing, Hearth This Winter


Get the Fire Going this Christmas!

Let’s face it! For various reasons, Christmas is all about those cosy moments around the stove or fireplace. So your hearth will be central to the season.



Is that Christmas Wafting through the Air?

Nothing injects a feeling faster than a good smell. It’s science.

So let’s get those Christmas smells wafting through the air.

Rather than rely on artificially generated scents via sprays and candles, let’s aim for a more sustainable and naturally inspired approach.

  • Time for some baking. If you have the time, this is a no-brainer. Turn the baking session into a great way to keep the kids off the screen, using their hands and learning a real skill. You can even bake your own decorations. Bake batches of cookies or traybakes for gifting in some sustainable wrapping. It’s a more sustainable, meaningful, and cost-effective form of gifting if you can manage the time.
  • Simmering homemade mulled wine is a great natural way to get the Christmas Spirits’ on the move!



Let Nature Lead the Way this Christmas

Adding naturally inspired decorative elements that bring a sense of well-being and some really lovely forestry smells into the home.

  • Used naturally made wreaths
  • Create potpourris or scented garlands with dried spices and fruits
  • Drape eucalyptus, pinecones, fir tree branches and berries over your mantelpiece instead of plastic ornaments
  • Decorate with greenery using foraged holly, berries and mistletoe from your forest walks to decorate halls, doorways and mirrors
  • Make orange and clove pomanders or wrap bundles of dried citrus slices with cinnamon for hanging as ornaments or decorating your table centrepieces
  • Instead of tinsel, use string dried berries, spices and fruit. These can also be lovely decorative pieces on your gift wrap station
  • Use homemade gift wrap, recycled paper, parchment or natural brown paper. Try to recycle found fabric and lace scraps instead of plastic packaging or disposable non-biodegradable wrapping paper. Use raffia ribbon and string rather than plastic versions



Soften the Space with Soft Furnishings

Nothing says “Cosy” more than an inviting space you want to sink into this winter.

  • Invest in some textured wool throws. Make sure there’s enough for every sofa and armchair
  • Change over your cushion covers to warm colours textured natural fabrics or fur-inspired textiles

Glow Up into at Christmassy Home

Ambient lighting and the glow of candles come into their own this season. Apart from the natural glow of the fireplace, we associate that cosy Christmassy feeling with the glow of candles.

  • Be sure to have ample natural candles for the mantelpiece and tapered ones for your table centrepieces to help you set the scene.


Getting Ready for the Big Day

There are some simple things you can do to make sure entertaining on the big day is just that little bit easier!


Got Your Yuletide Playlist Ready?

  • You may want to have your stack of your fav Christmas themed Cds or vinyl ready to go, or
  • Start compiling your Spotify or apple music Christmas playlist ready at the touch of a button

Laying the Festive Table

Even here, Nature knows best. So we suggest having some tableware elements that make for a more waste-free and biodegradable table setting this Christmas.

  • Use natural Linen or Cloth napkins and tablecloths rather than disposable ones. It's a special day, and cloth napkins will add luxury to the occasion
  • Have a naturally inspired centrepiece with natural wax candles lighting up the table this year
  • Use lasting crockery rather than disposable ones
  • Make your own edible place settings with gingerbread decorations piped with names
  • Try sourcing recyclable ECO Christmas Crackers or making your own nature-inspired ones


Helpful Christmas Home Tips We Made Earlier 

We’ve also made a few other festive blogs with great tips for the run-up to Christmas.


Got Any Christmas Home-Decor Ideas?

There you have it. These are just some simple steps you can take without breaking the bank.

And for everything else, well…

… You can drop into our store for a handy steer. We got some Christmas Specials worth checking out!