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Hygeia Hytrol Nettle Weedkiller 500ML - 800409

    Hygeia Hytrol Nettle Weedkiller 500ML - 800409



    Hytrol Nettle Killer - 500ml 

    • Weedkiller for troublesome nettles
    • For use only as a home and garden lawn weedkiller


    • Apply Hytrol Nettle Killer at the rate 25ml per 20m² in 2½ - 5 litres of water.
    • Use a clean knapsack or watering can fitted with a fine rose Doser bottle - the required quantity can be measured by loosening the cap and gently squeezing the bottle until the correct quantity is present in the measuring bulb.
    • Open cap and pour contents into the knapsack sprayer.

    When to use:

    • Use Hytrol Nettle Killer during late Spring and early Summer when nettles and other broadleaf weeds are actively growing, but before flowering (normally May/June).
    • For maximum effect spray when the weeds have adequate leaf area to absorb the chemical

    What it contains:

    • Contains Mecoprop-P and Dicamba as the potassium salts in a soluble concentrate.

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